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5 Ways Your Business Can Use Instagram

October 3rd, 2018

Sound like something you’ve heard before? Likely! But a quick crash course in the basics doesn’t hurt…

We said if before and it still stands; if you aren’t going to use the medium fully, then don’t bother at all. A thinly populated Instagram feed is worse than no Instagram feed.

Don’t misuse the hash tag- its become commonplace to overload your post with as many hash tags you can think of but this really derails their purpose. The point of the hash tag is to connect this particular post to other posts, with similar content.

Posting about new software you offer to clients? Treat your hash tags like you once did with key words for your web content- but let’s stick with the top 5-8 maximum so your post doesn’t look heavily hashed! Spend a few minutes checking out whether your chosen hash tag’s really link you up to the content you are hoping to be connected to.

Crash course in the basics, ready, go!

  • Use images to tell a story. Consider telling the story of your brand, of your business, of your new product through videos and images. This kind of engaging content encourages comments and sharing, the key to social media success.
  • Show the “behind the scenes”. Imagery is a great way to personalise the process.
  • Offer exclusivity. You need to pull followers to your account, so entice them with sneak previews, flash sales and ‘before launch’ product deals so they keep checking the page.
  • Incorporate a mix of fun and professional product/service shots. Personality is what drives these portals, unlike a Facebook business page, this is a great outlet to show “Bring your dog to work day” or the office’s penchant for Casual Fridays!
  • Study up on the hash tag. Adding comments to your content in the form of a hash tag allows you to curate and cull specific communities or users. Research popular tags related to your product/service/business and create your own.

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