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December 14th, 2017

Rising Interest Rates

Start planning now for interest rate increases. Historically low rates have encouraged borrowing for equipment, real estate, operating lines of credit and everyday purchases. How much longer interest rates will remain at these levels is an open question but now…

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December 13th, 2017

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Make your 2017 RRSP contribution before March 1, 2018. The 2017 RRSP contribution limit is 18% of your 2016 earned income to a maximum of $26,010. (For those who have not topped up every year, this is the additional room…

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December 11th, 2017

Professionalising the Family Business

Statistics show that approximately 35% of Fortune 500 companies are family-controlled. At some point, these were all small start-up enterprises who kept it in the family while getting things off the ground. But at some point those mum-and-dad ventures must…

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December 7th, 2017

Face to Face

Social media have their place, but do not forget to talk to each other face to face. Social media are reducing the number of face-to-face conversations. “In person” encounters allow a person to speak while another responds spontaneously without resorting…

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December 4th, 2017

Selling on Social Media

The marriage between sales and social media is a pretty seamless one, though much like actual marriage, without active listening and the willingness to compromise, the marriage can fall far from happy. It seems intuitive – social media is a…

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November 30th, 2017


Being motivated and inspiring motivation are the keys to success. Motivation, according to Business dictionary.com is the “Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continuously interested and committed to a job, role or subject…

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November 27th, 2017

Best Business Practices for Small Business

You have likely heard of best business practices – outlining the most forward-thinking and highly adapted strategies being employed in the current industry, but here we want to be more specific towards small businesses. What are some of the best…

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November 23rd, 2017

Road Warriors

Consider taking a few extra accessories when working offsite. Working while on the road, whether at nearby job sites or when travelling to distant locations, usually means taking a smartphone, laptop or tablet. The ability to work almost anywhere in…

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November 20th, 2017

First Time Managers? Read On!

Regardless of industry or niche, the recipe for first-time managers is always the same – equal parts exhilaration and total fear! Stepping into the leadership limelight is definitely something earned, though many of the best tricks of the trade are…

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November 13th, 2017

Benefits of an Internal Newsletter

When you have your hands full with so many projects and you are juggling all kinds of deadlines, crafting an internal newsletter can definitely see itself fall to the bottom of any business owner’s to-do list! This is a perfect…

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